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sooo sexy!!!


sooo sexy!!!



Classic Design

Ericfon | Designed in the late 1940s by Gösta Thames, Ralph Lysell, and Hugo Blomberg for Ericsson in Sweden | Manufactured and distributed in the U.S. by North Electric | Included in the MoMA collection in NY

It was the first phone to go on the market with the dial and handset in a single unit. Because of its styling and its influence on future telephone design, the Ericofon is considered one of the most significant industrial designs of the 20th century.

The Ericofon (aka Scandiphone) is produced today by Wild and Wolf.

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Oh those pink telephones… LOL  

Notes on Magic: Price
Fallacy: Magic is expensive.
Truth: Much of magic is done with words, potions and charms made of things around your house and simple supplies found outside. Ceremonial magic is expensive, but most folk magic is hella cheap even free.
totally agree with you on that! im on a strict budget and there is a way to do without the expensive tools,or supplies, but if you have the money go for it! hugs


Jan Parker’s illustrations for the 1971 Peter Haining book, Witchcraft and Black Magic